Wednesday, July 20, 2011

You Are So Radio If...

Excerpted from reader submissions to

The word “remote” means something other than located far way or distant in manner.                                      
You find hanging out a bar, without getting paid, a total waste of time.                                                          
You’ve stood in hundreds of new car dealership parking lots and yet you’ve never owned a new car.                        
You remember what album covers looked like.
You can’t remember the last time you paid for concert tickets.
Your high school friends know you by a different name than everyone else. 
You have that recurring dream—song ending, can’t get back to studio.
You’re listening to the radio and you hear dead air you start saying to yourself “push the button!” 
You can limit your bathroom runs to two minutes. 
Saying “nice cans” to a female co-worker is not considered harassment. Neither is requesting that she “keep it tight.” 
When driving, you talk up the intro to songs on the radio. 
Over 80% of your wardrobe contains a station/client/ or event logo. 
“Pot it up” is not a reference to drug use. 
You call them “spots” instead of “commercials”