Sunday, December 12, 2010

Congratulations Jay Olin!

At the AirWatch/Total Traffic Network Holiday party this year, 2005 ARB graduate Jay Olin was honored with the 7th Ed Berger Award, as voted on by his peers.

Here's a bit about the award, and why it's so special:

"Ed was an AirWatch employee for eight years, usually handling the Saturday morning KFI News Shift, while also acting as the lead radio instructor at Fullerton College, and, of course, filling-in at AirWatch whenever he could for vacations, sick days, etc.  Ed passed away eight years ago of pancreatic cancer. 

The criteria for The Ed Berger Award are as follows: 

The Ed Berger Award will go to the Total Traffic employee who displays Professionalism, which includes being reliable, prepared, focused and thorough in his/her work.  In addition, this person goes beyond this to exhibit a positive and pleasant disposition at all times with a helpful attitude.  To further honor the memory of Ed, this employee also has a good sense of humor and exhibits grace under fire."

Jay keeps busy reporting traffic on stations Star 98.7, KTLK, KSBR, and a few Santa Barbara and high desert stations.

Standing behind Jay is last year's winner, ARB graduate Brian Otto. In fact, ARB graduates Rebecca (Knowles) Campbell, Claire Sigman and ARB lecturer Alan Ross are all past winners.

Nice job Jay!

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