Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tune In for Entertainment

An examination of talk radio content, and an "aha" moment from author and self-described liberal Orrin Onken... excerpted from Salon:

“I have noticed one thing about conservative talkers.  Glenn Beck and our local man, Lars Larson, have been in the radio business since they were young men. Neither is educated in anything other than broadcasting. Their lack of formal education often shows, but their entertainment skills and their ability to respond spontaneously to almost any situation make up for it. Like Oprah, the successful right-wing talkers seem to have been born for entertainment. I don't listen to radio in my car to educate myself; I listen to ease the drudgery of driving. Perhaps I don't care what's being said as long as it's on a subject I know something about, and presented in an interesting manner. I wonder if Air America didn't fail because it depended too much on policy wonks and true believers.

If I'm right about this, my addiction doesn't really have all that much to do with politics. I like politics, of course, but mostly I like hearing people talk.” 

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