Sunday, November 28, 2010

What is Chris Andrade Up to Now?

You may remember him from the ARB graduating class of 1993! Now known as Chris Malone, in 1996 he moved to Panama City, Florida for a PM drive slot at country WAKT-FM.  Then he moved on to country WPAP-FM in 1998 as the evening host for the Clear Channel property.  Eventually, he moved to PM drive for WPAP-FM and Program Director for sister rock WFBX-FM until 2004.  He started with Entercom in Gainesville, Florida in 2004 as Production Director and currently he is PD and PM drive host for AC WKTK-FM in Gainesville, Florida and has held those positions for nearly 2 years. 
You can listen to Chris through the station's webpage: 
Thanks for sharing your info with us Chris, keep up the good work!

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