Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dan the Cameraman!

ARB TV students received some hands-on experience during the Hands on Camera module this week.  Guest lecturer Dan Donley is an award-winning DP/Director who has been working in Southern California for over 20-years, shooting a wide range of productions including commercials, broadcast TV, features and corporate videos. Just this last week Dan worked on projects for a major car company, an international upscale hotel chain, and something with Betty White.

Here's a few of the things Dan covered during lecture: how to join the cameraman's union, filters, pedestal tripods, grips vs. gaffers, prime lenses, depth of field, the Golden Globe awards, film vs. tape, directors who don't look at monitors, camera assistants and operators, "24" and shooting Jack Bauer, aspect ratio, why he loves Tom Cruise, different types of focus, matte boxes, zooming, and the definition of "upstaging."

And then he covered what he was supposed to from the book.

Here, Dan demonstrates one of his cameras, a Sony F-900.

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