Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Further Adventures of Ken Anthony!

Ken returned to The Academy this week to talk Ratings and Research with Radio students.  Here's a continuation of his bio from a few weeks ago...

Ken came back to Southern California in 1991 to take on the number one rock programming job in America at KLOS, directing the station to number one in adult demos in several books during his two year tenure. For his work at KLOS, he was named Radio's MVP of the year by Album Network magazine and Billboard Magazine's Major Market Program Director of the year in the Rock category.

Ken the moved to St. Louis, where he created and launched alternative station KPNT (The Point,) which has since become a franchise radio station in the midwest.

Returning to L.A., Ken programmed Classic Rock KLSX until they switched to talk in 1995.

Ken has since worked as Rock Editor for the trade publication Radio & Records, and now concentrates on his own consultancy firm, Radio Think Tank.

Thanks for sharing your varied experience with us, Ken!

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